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Physic Department

Physic Department

We teach physics (Esc-11011/Esc-12011) in first year.

To be effective and easy to understand, we make lesson plans for each chapter in teaching to students.

To understand basic measurements and apply in practical calculation, we instruct them to make respective practical tasks.

In practical room, we make rules and give marks to them according to their actions. This aims that we want them to have habits that they can concentrate on their activities and be responsible in implementing their activities.

As we aim students to perform experiments systematically and to be co-operative in team works, we make practical test and oral test.

We always talk to them about the facts that physics subject is one of the foundation subjects for all engineering subjects and the importance of physics subject in every suitable right time.

List of Physic Department

1Daw Su Su MonM.Sc (Phys)Lecturer
2Daw Ingyin PhyuM.Sc (Phys)Lecturer