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Discipline For Students

1.Students must regularly attend the classes in time.

2.Students must wear school uniform with identity card everyday.

3.Students cannot be allowed to take exam if their roll call is under 75%.

4.If they are absent to attend the classes they must send a permission letter in which parent”s sign to their head of department. They need the certificate of health in case of serious illness.

5.They must obey words of the principal and all teachers.

6.They must be returned to their parents if they break school disciplines and disturb learning.

7.They must not allow going to the canteen, being outside the classroom and wearing outerwear against traditional costume.

8.If they are long hair, hair colouring, earrings and ear-piercing, tattooing, their body, smoking, eating betel, playing cards, making the bet, drinking alcohol, and using narcotic drugs, they must be punished by the school”s disciplines and laws.

9.If they fight each other and other people during class or after class, they must be punished by the school’s disciplines. (Not school”s responsibility)

10.If they make meeting in the school”s campus, using school”s furniture and classroom, selling books, sharing documents, sticking pamphlet, giving speech and organize the organization without the Principal”s permission, they must be punished by the school’s disciplines.

11.If they steal and destory school’s buildgins, other student’s things, they must be punished by the school’s disciplines.

12.Don’t litter in the campus, classrooms and workshops to clean environment. After using the equipments, machines, devices and tools, they must replace systematically.

13.Cars and motorcycles must be parked in designated place and if not they must be fined.

14.They must well behave for the school’s dignity and study well to be qualified engineers.