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Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical engineering deals with the design and manufacture of tools and machines. Three years mechanical engineering courses are in the following.

Workshop Technology

Basic Technical Drawing

Engineering Drawing

Internal Combusion Engines

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

Automotive Technology

Fluid Mechanics

Estimating and Shop Management

Arc Welding and Gas Welding

Production Technology

Job Opportunity For Engineering Students

After three years mechanical engineering courses, students can apply the job the following workplace such as locomotive engine maintenance department, dock-yard, farm machinery, power station, welding, machinery production companies, and automotive companies.

Structure of Mechanical Engineering Department

1Daw Aye Nandar AungME (Mech)Assistant Professor
2Daw Ni Lar WinBE (Mech)Lecturer
3U Kyaw Kyaw OoA.G.T.I (Mech)Lecturer
4U Pyae Phyo ZinA.G.T.I (Mech)Technician-3
5Daw Thin Htet Htet NaingA.G.T.I (Mech)Technician-4
6U Soe Than AungGTHS (Mech)Technician-5