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Civil Engineering Department

Civil Engineering Department

Civil Engineering is concerned with making bridges, roads, airports, irrigations, building design and maintainnance.

Three years civil engineering courses are as follow:

Engineering Drawing

Capentry and Masonary Work

Building Materials and Construction

Fluid Mechanics


Road, Bridges, Irrigation

Building Services

Design of Concrete Structure

Timber, steel and Concrete structure

Estimating and specification

Bar Bending and Plumbing

Job Opportunity for Civil Engineering Students

Ministry of Construction, Industries and Construction Companies can also be applied after three years civil engineering courses.

Structure of Civil Engineering Department

1Daw May Kyawt KhingME (Civil)Lecturer
2Daw Ame AungBE (Civil) Lecturer
3Daw Pyone Pyone TintA.G.T.I (Civil)Assistant Lecturer
4Daw Soe Zar Zar TunA.G.T.I (Civil)Assistant Lecturer
5Daw Yee Yee MonBE (Civil)Tutor
6Daw Thuzar Kay KhaingBE (Civil)Tutor
7Daw Ei Thinzar KhaingA.G.T.I (Civil)Technician-4
8Daw Thiri Ye HtutGTHS (Civil)Technician-5